Year 1


  • Teacher – Miss F. Harber
  • Spanish teacher – Mrs A. Ripley
  • Music teacher – Mrs R. Housley
  • Teaching assistant – Mrs M. Doughty, Mrs F. Worrall and Mrs V. Andrews
  • Midday Supervisor – Mrs S. Wooding-Taylor

Year 1 Welcome Message

Welcome to Class 1!  This is the first year of Key Stage 1 and we want children to enjoy and be excited about their learning.  Year 1 is a journey from the continuous provision of Reception to the structure of Year 2 so the teaching and learning is more formal but still very interactive.  The children have many opportunities to investigate, discover, collaborate, understand and develop as they continue learning to read, write and understand numbers.  In class 1, Children can look forward to topics such as: Kingdom of Animals, The Land Before Time (dinosaurs), Wonderful Weather, Shipwrecked (Titanic) and Our Country.  We hope children will be excited to come to our class and that you enjoy looking at our page.

Miss F. Harber

Year 1 Parent Planner – Autumn Term 2023

Please see below the areas your child will be covering this term.