We celebrate the value
of each child and set high
expectations of them.

Mission Statement 

Our School is a Christian Community in which pupils, staff, parents, governors and parishioners are working together, within a safe, healthy and stimulating learning environment, to achieve education of the highest possible quality, in order to prepare pupils to meet the challenge of their futures.
We celebrate the value of each child and set high expectations of them in our endeavour to sustain and develop their gifts and talents.


School Aims

  • To create and sustain a happy environment in which all can experience and develop a love of
    learning through actively promoting positive relationships between all adults and pupils;
  • To build upon the positive strengths of our School Community, it’s building and
    environment; endeavouring to use the schools resources to the best of our ability.
  • To recognise and celebrate the value of each child and to help individual child to reach their
    full potential in all areas of their development by setting standards and expectations at the
    highest level.
  • To strive for excellence in all we do in providing the highest quality teaching and learning
    situations, using a rich variety of activities within a broad, balanced, and coherent
  • To ensure that all children receive their statutory entitlement within the legal requirements
    of the National Curriculum.
  • To ensure that all children are provided with the highest quality resources for learning,
    within the constraints of the school budget.
  • To develop further children’s understanding, skills and knowledge necessary and relevant to
    their adult life within a rapidly changing society.
  • To seek to provide equal opportunities for all, irrespective of race, gender, disability and
  • To foster a Christian ethos in which children develop a respect and understanding of
    Christianity through living within a caring, loving and committed community.
  • To foster a respect and understanding of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds.
  • To develop children’s personal responsibility, sensitivity to their environment, social skills
    and cultural awareness within the School Community and in the wider context of local,
    national and world issues.
  • To enhance communications between staff, governors, parents, parishioners and the local
    community of Saddleworth and develop further their involvement within our School.

Good Effort 29/4/22

Year 6 Mason for his excellent attitude to practice SATs test this week. He showed fantastic perseverance and resilence and worked independently to complete every test. Edward for his fantastic effort and super scores in his reading test (SATs papers). He managed his...

Good Effort 11/03/22

Class 6 Louie for going home and creating a drum solo accompaniment to the Heart song we learnt in class.  All of class 6 for their suberb debating skills this week.    Class 5  Sofia for working diligently and with focus on her email to Miss Travis requesting an...

Good Effort – 18/02/22

Congratulations to    Year 6 Louie, Georgia, Alexander and Izzy for a superb composition in their music lesson.    Year 5  Mia and Rose for their wonderful website design on Victorian England.  They worked really hard and have accomplished a fantastic...

Good Effort 11/2/22

Congratulations to    Year 6  Edgar, Jack and Alexander for a fabulous poster on Peru.  They found lots of information and presented it beautifully.  Jack for his design for his Mountain Rescue charity bookmark.  What a fantastic idea.   Year 5 Violet for...

Good Effort – 4th Feb 2022

Congratulations to   Year 6 Anton and Mason for their effort and progress in guided reading.   Year 5 Izzy and Mia for planning, drafting and editing a fantastic piece of work for jobs in Victorian times.   Year 4 Ali for his excellent effort and...

Good Effort – 26/11/21

Class 1 Danny for beginning to make links with his learning and starting to apply his skills to reasoning and problem solving.  Oscar for not giving up and learning from his mistakes to gain a greater understanding of subtraction.    Class 2 Thomas for working...

Good Effort 5/11/21

Year 6 All of class 6 for their excellent attitude and hard work all week. Year 5 Cailean for completed all his maths work, using noticing skills to count cubes and then using abstract column addition to solve sums.  He showed great perseverance. Year 4 Evalyn for...

Good Effort – Friday 1st October 2021

Congratulations to  Class 1 Olivia and Dylan for great use of adjectives to describe the peguins feelings. Class 2 Charlie R for using what he has learnt about questions in his postcard to the alien and for correctly forming his letters.  Charlie has been trying...

Good Effort 24/09/21

Good Effort - Friday 24th September  Class 1 - Lily for great number formation and effort in completing the number sequences by counting forward. Class 2 - Neve  for working hard all week with all aspects of her literacy.  She learnt a new skills - using a thesaurus...

Good Effort

Class Name 1 William H Super writing about his family. 2 Louise and Chloe Working really well together all week when revising 2D shapes in maths. 3 Thomas and Renay For a great first piece of writing about their holiday. 4 Florence and Kate For superb work on Picasso....