Questions Answered

Returning to School 


Many children and parents are anxious or have questions or queries about their child returning to school.  Please send the school office an email on if you have a questions that is not listed below. 

Questions answered regarding returning to school in September.


Does my child need to wear uniform?


Can my child bring their PE kit?

We would suggest that your child brings their PE kit on a Monday and leaves this in school.  We will send it home for washing each Friday.

Will children be bringing reading books home?

Yes.  The teachers will let you know what day they need to bring them in. 

Does my child need indoor shoes?

Yes.  Children will change to their indoor shoes each day.  These can be left in school.

Are snacks provided for children?

Children from Pre-School – Year 2 have a snack provided.  Children from Year 3-6 can bring a piece of fresh fruit or raw vegetable for their morning break.  This should be kept in their bag.

Do children need to take a bag in?

Children can bring a bag to school to hold their items.  These will be placed in the cloakrooms. 

Will there be social distancing in the class/ at playtime/ lunchtime?

Year 6-2 will work in rows in classes.  Social distancing in the classroom will be in place when possible.  The set up of each class varies but the children have been placed so that they are not facing each other.  
Pre-School-Year 1.  Children will not be social distancing.  Good hygiene will be in place. 
Lunchtimes and playtimes.  Children will be in their bubbles (Year 6-4,  Year 3-1 and EYFS)  they will eat and play together.  Year groups will sit together in the hall for lunches.
Please see the risk assessment for further details.

What is the procedure if a child is late?

If the gate is closed the parent and child must come to the school office to sign in.

What is the procedure if a child is late?

If the gate is closed the parent and child must come to the school office to sign in.

Are children able to take in and use hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is available in all classrooms.  There is no need to bring any into school

Will hot dinners be available?


If a child wants to wear a mask will this be allowed?

The Government has indicated that children under 11 do not need to wear a mask.  Children will not be allowed to wear a mask in school. 

What is the procedure if a member of a child's household has a confirmed case of Coronavirus?

Any confirmed cases should be reported to school either by telephone or email. 

What happens if a child is very anxious about returning to school?

Please see our statement of intent for children returning to school.  Please also note that all staff have received specific training for this.

Will there be assemblies?

Full school assemblies will not take place.  We are currently looking at how we can offer collective worship within the classroom.

What will happen with music/music tutition/PE lessions?

These will continue as normal.  Each activity is risk assessed prior to taking place.  The Government has advised that all subjects should be taught in Primary schools.

Covid-19 Questions

What happens to my child is one of their peers test positive for Covid19?

If a child tests positive for the virus we will take appropriate action to close the bubble the child is in and provide guidance on self isolating for parents.  We will do this in conjunction with our partners at Public Health England.  Our Local Authority has provided us with guidance on shutting parts of school if an outbreak occurs. 

What happens if my child presents to you during school hours with having the usual childhood winter symptoms of a runny nose, cough or sore throat?

The symptoms of Covid19 are a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to sense of smell or taste.  Any child who displays these symptoms will be isolated and parents contacted.  We would then ask you to take your child to be tested.  A runny nose or a sore throat is not a symptom of Covid19.

Can or will school staff take my child for a Covid19 test?

Under no circumstances will a member of staff take your child for a Covid test.  This is a parental responsibility.  However, if your child needs to be tested but you are unable to take them to a test centre please contact school for further advice.