Year 6

All of class 6 for their excellent attitude and hard work all week.

Year 5

Cailean for completed all his maths work, using noticing skills to count cubes and then using abstract column addition to solve sums.  He showed great perseverance.

Year 4

Evalyn for super perseverance in maths.  She reached a question in maths that she found tricky but didn’t give up.  She used the resources in the classroom to help her and in the end was able to answer the question.

Hattie for always showing excellent absorption in al lessons, she is always keen to be involved, puts her hand up and enjoys her learning.

Year 3

Joshua for showing resilience by becoming absorped in his maths work and managing his distractions.

Joseph for showing resilience by persevering with his writing and managing distractions to complete his first draft of writing.

Year 2

Holly, Joshua, Benoit and Theo.  Class 2 were challenged to build a bridge which was longer than 40cm using only 8 pieces of paper and tape.  These children showed fantastic resilience,  persevering when their initial design failed to support the weight of the toy car.  They were fully absorbed throughout and managed distractions from the rest of the class.

Year 1

Ralph and Artie for their creativity in the builders yard.  They have built a lookout tower and a campsite.  They went back several times during the day to refine their models and use the best materials.

Noah for his historical timeline in provision using animals.