Congratulations to


Year 6

Anton and Mason for their effort and progress in guided reading.


Year 5

Izzy and Mia for planning, drafting and editing a fantastic piece of work for jobs in Victorian times.


Year 4

Ali for his excellent effort and perseverence in Spanish.  He has been learning to write the date in Spanish.

Macy for her excellent effort in this weeks’s PE lesson using large apparatus.  She used all pieces safely and even helped other children.


Year 3

Finn, Ivy and Chloe for their effort using inverted commas, fronted adverbials and other words for ‘said’.


Year 2

Tristan for trying hard in his maths work this week.   He has listened well and followed instructions to share equal groups.

Freddie S for some fantastic ideas during the headline work input in Enlgish.  He was great at creating short, snappy headlines to grab the readers attention.


Year 1

Noah for trying really hard with his maths.  He has been learning about related facts and Noah used his previous maths knowledge and drew the bar model and the part whole model to represent his number sentences.