Year 6

Mason for his excellent attitude to practice SATs test this week. He showed fantastic perseverance and resilence and worked independently to complete every test.

Edward for his fantastic effort and super scores in his reading test (SATs papers). He managed his distractions, was absorbed in his work and did really well.

Year 5

Hope for working very hard to identify and apply prefixes and suffixes. She used this knowledge to then write a short description of a Viking scene.

Izzy for using excellent inference skills to create an image using test. she had to name and place worlds on the great tree Yggdrasil (the universe known in Norse mythology).

Year 4

Kate and Hattie for an excellent setting description for our Dream Giver narrative. Both girls have used superb vocabulary really thinking about sentence openers to make their writing more interesting.

Year 3

Charlotte for re-writing her first draft of her story after realising it didn’t have enough detail. She persevered with this and finished her writing in playtime – by choice!

Ruby for excellent attitude in swimming – she was ‘fearless’ jumping in the deep end! She swam down to the bottom of the pool!

Year 2

Charlie for working really hard with his addition and subtraction this week. He found this tricky in his secret mission but persevered and has now mastered it!

Freddie for impressing us all with his excellent attitude to school life this week. His behaviour and effort have been excellent and he has even moved up to stage 8 reading books!

Year 1

Ralph for his fantastic car model that he planned, designed and made. Ralph thought carefully about the materials he wanted to use.

Hannah for an impressive piece of work in Science. We have been learning about the parts of a plant. Hannah used a lot of detail when drawing her picture.