Class 1

Danny for beginning to make links with his learning and starting to apply his skills to reasoning and problem solving. 

Oscar for not giving up and learning from his mistakes to gain a greater understanding of subtraction. 


Class 2

Thomas for working extra hard to learn the songs, singing loudly in our Nativity and using his noticing skills well. 

Mary for using her BLP skills of imitation to draw a wonderful picture of Mr Twit. 


Class 3 

Finn for settling into class 3 really well, being a fabulous role model and for being a super reader.

Reggie for being a super house point monitor.  He has memorised every person’s house!


Class 4

Harriet for an excellent CV for Beowolf.  She used her capitalising BLP to organise her writing using the example one.  She also included conjunctions in her writing.

Kate, Sofia, Millie, Jack and Lucas have been learning about composition and pitch.  This group showed good collaboration. 


Class 5 

George D for being a super star in Spanish and knowing all his numbers to 40.

Oliver W for using his BLP skills, applying his learning and being such a kind, caring and wonderful member of the class.