Good Effort – Friday 24th September 

Class 1 – Lily for great number formation and effort in completing the number sequences by counting forward.

Class 2 – Neve  for working hard all week with all aspects of her literacy.  She learnt a new skills – using a thesaurus and then started to implement the new words into her writing. 

Class 2 – Freddie W for having a wonderful week.  His behaviour has been excellent and his listening has improved and he has a lovely smile on his face when learning.  

Class 3 – Joseph, Charlotte N, Emily – for fantastic reading, great decoding, super predicting and helping each other. 

Class 4 – Lily for a lovely piece of RE work all about respect. 

Class 4 – Amelia for overcoming her fear of jumping off the equipment in PE.

Class 5 – Isabelle H for her work in Science on the Helio and Geo centric model.  Isabelle wrote a thoughtful explanation of each, including key names, terminology and events. 

Class 5 – Oliver B for his incredible attitude to learning.  Oliver is always engaged, enthusiastic and animated.  He listens consistently and knows what the expectations are. 

Class 6 – Edgar and Louie for fantastic mind mapping on micro-organisms.  Their work was well presented with lots of detailed information.