Class 6

Nico and Emmie for excellent results in the practise SPaG test.  Great resilence and perseverance, and fantastic application of knowledge. 


Class 5

Rose, Ella and April for their vocabulary work on trade between countries.  The girls worked hard on presentation skills, were fully absorbed in the lesson, even when they had to go to their music lesson. 


Class 4

Kate for an excellent Ancient Greek timeline.  Kate always shows superb absorption in her work and is really keen to learn lots about the Ancient Greeks. 

Harriet for an excellent explanation of the water cycle.  She showed super listening skills and a good understanding of the features of the water cycle. 


Class 3 

Ada and Darcy for super research about the Romans.  They used great reading comprehension skills to help find out 3 facts of different aspects of Roman life. 


Class 2 

Neve for a fantastic start to her diary entry as a young African girl named Zahra.  Neve had really thought about the vocabulary she has used showing empathy throughout.

Charles for his listening skills during maths this week.  He has often taken on the challenges and he has pushed his learning further. He has persevered and explained his answers to others. 


Class 1

Lily has really impressed Miss Begum with her positive attitude to learning.  She is participating in group discussions, using her phonics sounds to read/blend words independently and she is always happy and cheerful.  

Olivia for her super sentences in her writing.  Olivia thought really carefully about what she wants to write and she also used the joining word ‘and’.