Congratulations to 


Year 6

Louie, Georgia, Alexander and Izzy for a superb composition in their music lesson. 


Year 5 

Mia and Rose for their wonderful website design on Victorian England.  They worked really hard and have accomplished a fantastic website.  


Year 4 

Lucy for producing some super art work as part of our Linking project.  The class took part in a zoom art lesson alongside St Patrick’s school.  Lucy created her own sketch book, completed some printing, continuous line drawing and linear line drawing.  She was absorbed in her work.

Jasper for trying incredibly hard with his story writing.  He spent a long time editing and spell checking his writing.  Excellent perseverance. 


Year 3 

Joseph and Olivia for being honest about their worries when writing their poems.  They both tried hard with their presentation.  Super effort. 


Year 2 

Freddie  for his Tudor house that he made at home.  He has worked really hard on his house and we are all very proud of him for continuing his learning at home. 

Chloe for managing her distractions wonderfully this week and becoming so absorbed in her Art work.  The result of her hard work was amazing. 

Henry for being really kind to others and creating a wonderful kindness tree to show how he can be kind to himself.  Wonderful work. 


Year 1 

Joshua for fantastic work in computing.  He was able to write and follow detailed step by step instructions to programme the beebot.  

Arabella for her literacy work.  Arabella wrote some super sentences when learning how to compose a question.