Congratulations to 


Year 6 

Edgar, Jack and Alexander for a fabulous poster on Peru.  They found lots of information and presented it beautifully. 

Jack for his design for his Mountain Rescue charity bookmark.  What a fantastic idea.


Year 5

Violet for her excellent performance in cross country.  She has made excellent progress moving up positions each week.  


Year 4

Ben for his excellent art work.  Ben was brilliant at drawing the shells and was absolutely absorbed in his work. 

Millie for superb team work and collaboration during orienteering this week.  Millie listened really well in her group. 


Year 3

Evalyn and Reggie for super work on the large apparatus.  They showed good listening skills and followed all the instructions. Well done. 


Year 2

Charles for consistently working hard in maths this week.  He has persevered when he has found work difficult and enjoyed learning more about odd and even numbers. 

For Year 2 Dovestones house for working collaboratively and communicating well with each other during the orienteering session this week.


Year 1 

William S for his Science work on materials.  His effort and perseverance was outstanding. 

Gracie for her fantastic Titanic model that she made at home.  Gracie used a lot of detail in her work.  Well done.