Class 6

Louie for going home and creating a drum solo accompaniment to the Heart song we learnt in class. 

All of class 6 for their suberb debating skills this week. 


Class 5 

Sofia for working diligently and with focus on her email to Miss Travis requesting an extension to playtime. 

Oliver for his perseverance in maths this week. 


Class 4

Sofia and Sam for their excellent poems.  They both worked very hard on their vocabulary and poetic devices such as personification, onomatopoeia and similies. 


Class 3

Oran and Luke for superb work on speech marks.  Oran even modelled the work for others.  Mrs Hodgin was proud that both boys were able to work so brilliantly with other adults in the class.  They are a role model for all other children in school. 


Class 2

Joshua for working hard on writing his newspaper report about the Great Fire of London.  Josh became really absorbed in his work and his writing was lovely.  

Holly and Arthur for their wonderful African animal riddle writing.  They used all 4 sentence types.  


Class 1

Arabella and Emma for working really hard in PSHE this week.  Their presentation was beautiful.