Year 6

All the children who read in Church. This was their first time speaking in public since Year 3 and they were confident, articulate and spoke loudly and clearly.

Year 5

Oliver B for his reflective work in Science. He has been separating mixtures, asking insightful questions and making links to his previous learning.

Theo A for settling into Holy Trinity really well. His attitude to learning is excellent and he has been working hard on his perseverance skills with his handwriting, which has improved immensely.

Year 4

Evalyn for a beautifully presented piece of work on the Ancient Greek Olympics. She used her distilling BLP skill to pull out the important information when researching and looking at pictures of Ancient Green pottery.

Hattie for an amazing performance in Church and being incredibly brave when singing her solo part. What a star!

Year 3

Betsy for contributing much more in class and volunteering to read her poem aloud.

Reece for his super work in maths. He was resilient and used different strategies when he was stuck in the ‘pit’.

Year 2

Tristan who has worked very hard in maths this week when he independently counted in fractions. He could explain what he’d done and enjoyed the activity.

Violet for producing a fantastic piece of writing this week as George’s nasty Grandma! She’s used sophisticated vocabulary and thought carefully about her sentence types.

Year 1

Rory for his hard work in science. He carefully constructed his own weather chart and wrote some super sentences about Winter.

Max for his beautifully written narrative that he came up with all on his own. We have been learning about ‘The Queen’s Hat’ and Max used adjectives, the joining word ‘and’ and he even included an exclamation mark!